Johan has always been very curious, open to what life has to offer. He has no prejudices, he likes to be surprised.

This is how he joined the Air Force as photographer, he discovered the taste for photojournalism and he built up a solid experience.
It is also like this that he left the Army 5 years later, to immerse himself in the entertainment world : the Dance.

The common theme ? Movement.
He likes to capture movement, to catch the ephemeral to offer him eternity.
He has collaborated with beautiful dance companies and institutions such as the Malandain Ballet Biarritz (CCN), the Basque Cultural Institute, the Manufacture CDCN, Carolyn Carlson Company. He likes more intimate dance companies; each reveals its unique atmosphere.

With his first travels, Johan experimented another photographic style. One by one, he creates more personal series, built around a narrative storyline : he tells us a story... His intuitive approach allows him to photograph what catches his eye. He is looking at the images that he realizes the series that is taking shape.

He captured The shadows of Marie-Antoinette ; or even offers us a new vision at Biarritz en été.
He is currently working on the serie : Forest Bath, translates his love for plants, he immerses us in Mother Nature.

Johan is very human person, he lets himself be touched as much by the beauty of the world as by his violence. His sensitivity, the good research and his love for photography make him an absolutely brilliant and trusted person to collaborate with.

The photo is his medium of expression, the means of transporting us in his world and to pose a unique vision on ours.

"What photography reproduces endlessly only happens once" Roland BARTHES


Text : Melissandre LEMONNIER



All photographies on the website are available for purchase as an art print and potentially for exhibitions.

You are free to contact me for any request for information or collaboration.