The cévénole oasis

When you live in a remote valley in the southern Cévennes, the Covid-19 pandemic containment measures put in place by the government on March 16, 2020 actually change little in your daily life.
Far from the cities, you feel preserved from the anxiety side of this unprecedented situation.
Buying groceries for several weeks, optimizing travel, working from home, few interactions at this time of the year are already an integral part of our daily life. We prepare the vegetable garden, we continue to build the wooden structures on the land, to cut the wood for next winter, ...
In the end, the only major transformation we face during this historical period is the interaction with the people living on the site. Usually a place of passage to welcome friends and family, or even internships, it will become an ephemeral oasis for a few weeks.

Several generations find themselves living together during confinement, with the same desire to develop autonomy. If the place already has a certain autonomy with the source of drinking water, the wood boiler and the solar panels (heating and hot water), everyone will put their hand to work to participate in the various creative projects to develop it.

From the very beginning of the confinement, it is an experience of living together that is offered to us. Exchange times are created in order to share each person's inner weather, feelings, desires and needs as well. It is also a good time to agree on participative workcamps on the site, to which everyone is free to join according to their own rhythm, skills and desires.

And then, after the effervescence of the first weeks, everyone becomes aware of the need for time for oneself, to welcome, meditate and feel what is at stake inside. Because finally, no matter the size of the place of confinement, everyone has their own inner transformation...

At the end of this completely new confinement, everyone will have acquired knowledge in one or more areas, lived new experiences, learned about others and about oneself and its limits. This ephemeral oasis will remain engraved in everyone's memories.

While the cities seemed to have stopped, collapsed, life in this remote valley of the Cévennes was already nourishing tomorrow.