Forest Bath

"When I am among you, trees of these great woods,
In everything that surrounds me and hides me at the same time,
In your loneliness where I come home myself,
I can feel someone big listening to me and loving me! »

Excerpt from Victor Hugo's poem | To the trees

I dreamt and created this series as a walk in the forest - to share and transcribe this feeling of well-being, of appeasement, of rejuvenation that I myself felt during my travels in the Vosges, the Black Forest and the Cévennes.

Among the People who stand on their own two feet, it is a true multi-sensory journey that is offered to us. In this way, bathing in the forest creates a bridge between us and the living.
It invites us to reconnect with our senses - looking, smelling, listening, touching, even tasting.
If life is an experience of the senses, forest bathing brings us back to the real, the true.

Time takes on a whole new dimension; it is a counterbalance to the daily frenzy and the digital world. These spaces of beauty and silence are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to find. Tranquility has become a luxury.
The majority of us, living in cities, no longer take the time to connect with nature - no longer experience the delight of these spaces-time without any human noise.

By going to meet these preserved spaces, it is not only a reconnection to nature that takes place, but also a reconnection to oneself - a journey in all its states: real and imaginary - sensory, inner - physical and intuitive - tangible and subtle.

Available in limited editions of 12 copies each.